Friday, April 24, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Why Affirmations Without Belief And Feelings Don’t Work …

We use positive affirmations to try to uplift the quality of our life and tap into our feelings to release positive energies into the Universe. Positive energy is one of the basic principles by which all things are manifested and it operates in every aspect of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Becoming aware of it and consciously working with it can totally transform our life!

We can’t change our current circumstances with just words. Affirmations creates the positive thoughts in our mind while belief creates the positive feelings in our soul, that’s so needed to emanate these positive energies. We need to belief and work deliberately with the Law of Attraction to change our moods and thoughts to those that feels better than what we are currently focusing on.

If our affirmation declares that “I’m prosperous and joyous” and yet we do not believe in it at all because there’s still a stack of unpaid bills on our desk, then our feelings are saying something very different from what our words are saying. If our feelings and beliefs are vibrating an energy of lack and insufficient money, that is what we will draw to ourselves.

So … it is therefore important that we reach for the better feelings and thoughts that’s true to us, the ones that we truly believe in. We will then be overwhelmed with a sense of relief and solid confidence that’s aligned with a strong, grounded energy that’s pulling us along into a broader, deeper life of joy, excitement and a whole lot of new possibilities. If we keep focusing our attention on this new feelings and thoughts, we will literally change our vibration. Being magnetic beings and by keeping as much attention as we can in this new direction, we will attract to ourselves better and better circumstances.

Each of us is on our own unique path in this universe. Different things are right for each of us at different times. We are the only one that really knows what’s best for ourselves by how we feel inside. By making deliberate choices on those we believe in, we will begin to change into a happier and grateful state and release ourselves from being a victim of the outside forces.

Super-charge your beliefs and feelings now in order to manifest changes and improvements in our life to those we really really desire!


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