Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Working Among Negative Co-Workers …

It’s a great morning! The alarm rang right on the dot and we woke-up with every intention to have a pleasant and fruitful day. Sitting on the bed with our feet firmly on the floor, we gave thanks in appreciation of the new day. Took a nice hot shower, we were even grateful for the water. We start to visualize the perfect day ahead. After a hearty breakfast, kissed and bid bye-bye to our spouse, probably the kids are not up yet, as we scoot-off to the office.

Oh, the morning traffic jam … those inconsiderate drivers, jumping queue. Never mind … maintained our composure … reached the office safe and sound. Wished everyone that crossed our path “Good Morning” with a wide smile, even the cleaner. Our day is just going to be as we envisioned.

With every intention to do our best and progress with our career in order to provide a comfortable world for ourselves and our family, we put all our positive energy into our work. When the money start rolling in for the company, wonder if our employer and our co-workers’ going to thank us for all our positive thoughts and feelings that go towards making it happen. Haven’t even mention the ‘PROFITS’ yet! It’s alright as long as we’re happy.

Then our employer steps in … constipated and sour-faced, ranting on and on during meetings … TARGETS NOT MET! SLOW COLLECTIONS! POOR CASHFLOW! INDISCIPLINE! Well, shouldn’t he/she asked themselves why?

Next we start to hear our co-workers complaining … NO INCREMENT! NO BONUS! NO BENEFITS! FAVORITISM! Blah, blah, blah …

Now we feel our day is shot! All the negative remarks … all the negative energies … like an arrow aimed right at us! Then we have cynical co-workers who can’t bear to be outdone by others … co-workers with personal agendas who do not care who they run-down … spiteful co-workers aiming their poison arrows right at our back! The world of office politics … BACK-STABBINGS!!!

Why can’t these people just concentrate on the jobs they are paid to do and do them well? Accept that others can be better than them and strive to improve themselves … just be happy for others … the workplace will definitely be a happier place.

How do we apply the Law of Attraction in this world full of negative emotions and thoughts? How do we overcome all these negative effects that eventhough unintentional, can still rub on our nerves?

All said and done … let’s not forget. The Law of Attraction enforces that we attract all the good and bad in direct proportions to our beliefs. What we get is what we think of. To know more of what we can do for ourselves, continue here


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You are right! It is so important for people to realize they aren’t victims of their reality, they are actually creators of their reality and until we change what we are focusing on (whether we realize we are focusing on it or not) our lives and businesses and relationships won’t change for the better.