Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Last night, Ray and myself decided to checked out the latest nightspot in the neighbourhood. A new hip dance club in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, Helo Bali Fun Dance Club.

It's a stylish modern lounge with ambient lighting. The guest DJ Goldfish played rounds and rounds of the latest hip hop and R&B hits. I had a whale of a great time, dancing the night away. Regretfully, the sound system wasn't too good. It was way too loud that we had problem placing our order to the waiters. We could only use sign language. My ears were still buzzing till late this afternoon. The air-conditioning was not cold enough and left many of us patrons sweaty. Nevertheless, the crowd was fun and friendly though. The food was not too bad either. We had Thai BBQ Beef and Crispy Fried Fish Fillet.

We left the club at about 2.00 am this morning after downing a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. We were both high but Ray was worst off ... throwing up at the car-park and along the highway on the way home. We couldn't wake up this morning until almost 12 noon.

Living in the moment ... I had a great time!


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