Friday, April 10, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I had such a wonderful surprise yesterday afternoon!

I received a telephone call from one of my ex-colleagues who had wandered off to a far, far away land with glorious variation of landscapes called Finland. The last I heard of her, she was supposed to be in Singapore. What a surprise! She's just married a Finn and starting a new life as a full-time housewife there. And she has also started blogging too. Do check out her blog at Forward With Nuptial Knot. Another awesome surprise to me as I read her blog ... well she may not know it but she's actually practising the Law of Attraction too!

Here's wishing her a belated congratulations on her wedding. Secondly, all my best wishes to her too on her new adventures as a newbie housewife. And finally, Esther ... welcome to the blogging world. It's going to be an addiction!


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