Monday, April 20, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I’m in plain violation of the very fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction. FEAR! That sneaky culprit that attracts all that we do not want into our life … it’s a NO-NO! Anxiety stems from fear and that’s what I’ve been feeling the whole morning.

WHY? Why did I succumbed to it?

Well … Nick has been driving for almost 3 weeks now. No doubt, he has all the freedom to drive within our neighbourhood but outside? No Way! Not without Ray or myself by his side. As much as he has pestered and as much as I’ve tried to avoid the inevitable, I know I will have to relent to him driving to college on his own sooner or later.

That’s precisely what I had to do this morning. I had intended for him to drive me to work and subsequently he can drive to college from there. The morning dread just gave me butterflies and jello limbs. I had to popped 2 aspirin to counter the anxiety-related headache. I know it’s just a maternal worry but I should know better! After all, I’m supposed to be a Law of Attraction practitioner. Anyway, despite the dread and worry, I tried reminding myself of my own silliness.

Thank God! He had arrived safely at the college. Now … I better make sure I don’t succumb to this mental distress again tomorrow ... arghhhhhh!!!


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