Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Sleeping Sleeping Oh gosh! Got up so early this morning. It wasn't even bright and early since it wasn't sunrise yet. 3.15 AM! Sleepy

I was following Ray and his running mates, Stephen and Lim, to Bidor for the 'Bidor Half-Marathon'. Bidor is a small town about one-and-a-half hours' drive from Shah Alam or Kuala Lumpur. It is a favourite stopover for travellers and foodies seeking fruits such as bell fruit, seedless guava, pomelo and tamarind pods and the local snacks such as chicken biscuits and yam dumplings.

However the star of the town is the 'Pun Chun Restaurant' popularly known for its 'duck thigh noodles' and 'wantan noodles'. A stopover is never complete without digging into these 2 specialities. Eventhough they had recently opened a branch right here in my neighbourhood, I still feel it is more authentic in Bidor. So, the plan is on ... we are not going to miss out on these noodles!

We reached Bidor just alittle before 6 am and had our breakfast right at 'Pun Chun Restaurant'. Noodles not ready yet but their coffee and 'pau' was good enough to kick-start the morning.

The Bidor Half-Marathon was held at the Dewan Muhibbah and was flagged off at 7 am. It was categorised into 12 categories of either 21km, 10km or the 3km fun run, divided according to age groups. Medals and certificates were issued to all participants who finished the run within the qualifying time.

Well, Ray and his running mates had quite a fulfilling run. It's supposed to be part of their training for the coming Kuala Lumpur Marathon in June. Too bad, Cheryl (Stephen's wife) who's an avid runner too, could not make it for the run today.


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