Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I've already said over and over again ... I'm not into running ... I've got NO PASSION for it at all! Am I not loud enough or somebody's got to be deaf??? @#$% ... @#$%

Enough already! Yes, I do run ... not because I want to but because I have to ... health reasons!

Tomorrow's May Day, a public holiday. Ray and his running mates are meeting up to join a breakfast run organised by Klang Pacers Athletic Club at a neighbouring community, Setia Alam in Shah Alam. Shortest route's 4.5km but the gang's going for the 11km and 21km. That's leaves me and my trusty camera with nothing much to do, right? No mind ... I can always catch-up on my current read "The Power of Now" or maybe I can play alittle of the PSP while waiting for them.

Well, my @#$% darling of a hubby Ray, has so conveniently suggested that I run and snap! Hmmm ... not mentioning the fact that I'm still trying to figure out how to use the camera ... to run and snap??? Let's see if I can manage any photos to post on my blog tomorrow or their newly launch running blog at

"MIND OVER MATTER" ... the mind is more powerful than the body! Through the power of concentration and positive thinking, people can even walk on hot coals without getting burned ... so it shall be for me tomorrow ... I shall run, snap and complete that 4.5km route!

Let this be my challenge to me!


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