Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

As usual, I had a great time when we went clubbing yesterday night. We went to Aloha, just within the vicinity of KLCC. It's kind of one of our favourite watering hole. Normally, Ray and myself will be hitting the clubs on our own but yesterday was alittle special as we had a guest, Ves.

We met Ves, an insurance agent sometime in December 2008 during one of my company events, a Pool Tournament. He was there to lend a helping hand to the event organisers. He's a very easy-going, friendly young man who kinda clicked well with Ray. It had all started from a common interest about conquering Mount Kinabalu then.

We had started off the night with a few games of pool at Modesto before heading to Aloha. After a few drinks, we headed downstairs to its dance club, Honolulu where the night heat shall rise!

Just as we were getting into the action, we had a slight damper. Ves was hustled by two pretty young lasses. I guessed his innocent look just stand out amongst the crowd, hehehe ... these cocktail girls had practically forced on him 2 shots of whatever they were selling. Meanwhile they conveniently downed a few shots themselves and claimed they were treats offered by Ves. The almost instant charge came to $230. We all jumped and was almost kicked sober!

Each shot was supposed to be only $20 and there couldn't be more than 7 or 8 shots downed. How did it ever come to such an odd figure of $230? T'was a highway robbery!

Being alittle intoxicated myself, I fired at their supervisor when she turned up, about the girls' unethical tricks. No holds barred! I snatched back the $100 that Ves gave earlier from one of the girls and returned only $50 for the 2 shots plus the additional $10 as tip. I told them to leave and warned them not to cause any further trouble.

See! See what alittle alcohol can do to you ... it can alter your personality! I'm not saying to totally ban liquor but moderation would be the best word. If I had been extremely intoxicated, how would the situation turned-out then?

Having shoo-ed the girls off, we continue to party our night away. We left the club almost 3.00am this morning. Of course, by then I had already totally sobered since I stopped drinking from 12.00 am. I'm the driver ... so don't drink and drive.

I guessed Ves is not used to taking hard liquor like the one we had, 'Black Label'. We could see he seemed highly intoxicated. Being abit worried, Ray checked on him when we got back home at 3.30am and was surprised to hear that he was still there at the parking lot, resting in his car. He finally SMS-ed us at about 7.00am that he's just reached home after spending the last few hours sleeping in his car.

Our hats off to you, Ves. You're a very responsible person, sleeping it off instead of driving back while still intoxicated. It would have been most dangerous not only to yourself but other road-users too. We truly treasure you as a friend for keeps.

I hope there's no HANG-OVER this morning. Next time, we'll have to be abit more easy on the liquor!


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Sorry to be stranger. School is nuts right now. Love the latest news. Always nice to know someone out there is having fun while I'm studying.

Hi there Dr. Lauren. Truly appreciate your visit and comment. As I've grown into my 4th decade, I've come to realise that we travel thru this life's journey only once. Let's try to make the best of it and not forget to enjoy it along the way.

Dr. Lauren, you're no more a stranger to me henceforth. :) Have a wonderful day!

Nice to read about your fun exploits. Hats off to you...Our little ones hold us back quite a bit, as far as late nights are concerned. Btw, you don't look a bit over 40!

Bloggingmum, you've got to throw a lasso and pull me back to earth! Your compliment just sent me sky-high to the clouds.:) Thanks!

Btw, having fun need be during late nights. It can be anytime. Most importantly, do remember to set aside personal time just for you and your hubby.