Sunday, May 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged Again!!!

Oooooo ... I've been so kindly tagged again. This time by alwayswinner786 and I'm required to write 7 things about myself, 6 things that make me happy and finally tag 7 of my favourite blogs. Thank you very much AlwaysWinner786! I'm so happy that you'd even thought of me.

The general rules of this tag is to:

  1. Link to my original tagger and list the rules in this post
  2. Share 7 interesting facts about myself in my post
  3. Share 6 things that make me happy
  4. Tag 7 of my friends at the end of my post by leaving their names and the link to their blogs
  5. Let my friends know they’ve been tagged.

So, let's begin with the 7 facts about myself ...

  1. I'm in the 4th decade of my life and looking forward to RETIREMENT!
  2. I sit on the Queen's throne at home and rule like a dictator!
  3. My wrath knows no bound whenever my subjects (Ray & Nick) defies my order!
  4. I love food so much that I must ensure 'fat' or 'obese' does not exist in my vocab!
  5. Ray's the love of my life that's why I bully him alot!
  6. I still struggle everyday to defeat my own demons!
  7. I feel connected with loads of friends.

I'll continue with the 6 things that make me happy ...

  1. 6.00 pm every Friday!
  2. To laze around the house with my hubby, Ray!
  3. Whenever my son, Nick has a civil and mature conversation with Ray and me.
  4. Everytime my weight goes below yesterday's!
  5. Each time I managed at least an hour of exercise!
  6. Each time my hubby and son returns home safely.

Now, I'm going to tag 7 of my online friends and hope that this chain will not be broken as the fun continues ...

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7 Bubbles:

thanks for sharing this Wenny ;) and I was tagged :)

will do this and will post at my site..

You're most welcomed, Amelia. I await to find out the 7 facts you'll list out about yourself and the 6 things that make you happy.

Awww, thanks for the survey invite. :) I'll do it as soon as I can!

I know you're busy preparing for a journey. No worry, when it's most convenient to you.

thx for the tag. i know my daughter always get tagged and i always wonder what's all about? haha, so i'm now in for a new 'advanture' to be tagged and tag others. i hope i know what to do. .... :)

No worry Cheryl, very easy one :)
Tagging are basically another way of exchanging links.

Wenny! I am so flattered!!! Thank you!