Friday, May 8, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Are You Connected With Your Inner Being?

“Like attract like”, whatever you are or have, you attract more of. This is the system set up in the universe where it responds automatically to what you believe about yourself. You need not ask for anything, it will be given to you. It all depends on the direction of your thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever noticed that those who speaks negatively about almost everything around them actually has it? The one who speaks most of prosperity has it too. The direction of your thoughts and emotions are your choice. When you feel fat, you cannot attract thin. When you feel you’re a failure, you cannot attract success. If you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity.

This is the principle of the Law of Attraction.

In order to be able to efficiently practice this principle of the Law of Attraction, you will need to learn to shift your attention from ‘what is’ and place it on what is preferred. If your attention is only on ‘what is’, then the more of ‘what is’ will be attracted to you.

Without exception to anyone, everyone talks to themselves all the time, seeking for answers to their doubts, despair, excitement or happiness. You're simply listening to your inner being. Call it your ‘subconscious mind’ or the ‘voice within’, it’s your partner in this life whom you can never breakaway.

So, take a minute to ponder. How’s your communication with your inner being? Do you trust your inner being?

‘What is’ is merely a distraction from your conscious mind. Your inner being or your subconscious mind or your inner voice will always be on standby to provide you with thoughts of how things is preferred, because your inner being understands the Law of Attraction.

When you are having negative thoughts, thoughts of lack or despair, your inner being communicates with you through negative emotions, indirectly informing you that things should not be as what is. On the other hand, when you give thoughts to what you want, your inner being will inundate you with positive emotions, telling you that you are on the right track!

So remember, stay connected with your inner being. It’s the real you on the inside. Trust and listen to your inner being. If you feel disconnected with your inner being, perhaps you may want to begin improving the relationship. You may want to start here.


3 Bubbles:

Thanks Wenny! Law of Attraction, must remember that.
I am typically a positive person but I have been so worried about my future lately that I think I turned sour. Thank you for reminding me I need to have positive emotions and I'll start to feel I am on the right track :)

I'm glad to be of help. Just a small gesture. The real determining factor will be YOU! Feel positive, stay bubbly and get GUNGHO!!!

WENNY! I am really trying to stay positive but these reoccurring dreams are driving me nuts... Last night I had a dream about poisoning the king and I was flying away to escape but I really didn't get anywhere. I am still running. I suppose its a process...