Monday, May 18, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Can We Have A Marriage Made In Heaven Too?

A marriage made in heaven ... can we have one just like that? How can we use the Law of Attraction to manifest the marriage of our dreams, one that’s filled with unconditional love, a pure spirit of friendship and great communication, despite the many differences between us?

Many of us believed that marriage is supposed to be challenging. We believe it’s going to be an uphill task to change one another, more so our spouse. Over time, we begin to focus more and more on the things that annoy us about our spouse and for some, to a level of dissatisfaction, regrets or even hate.

We have to realise that we actually attract the type of relationship we have with our spouse. It may be unacceptable to think of it as such, especially so when we’re already in an unhappy union.

The incredible power of the Law of Attraction is based on “like attract like”. We attract what we think about most and when coupled with the corresponding emotions, we attract it even faster. If our marriage seemed to have lost its spark, chances are we have been focusing too much on what we do not want from each other, thus attracting more of it. Couples don’t just fall out of love with each other. It’s just that we’ve become so focused on all the things that we don’t like about our spouse that we forget why we’d fall in love with one another in the first place.

So let’s use the Law of Attraction to remedy or improve our marriage instead. We too can experience a loving growing marriage by focusing on the most amazing marriage we could possibly hope for. How does it work?

We’ll only need to keep 3 important things in mind ... LOVE, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, GRATITUDE.

  • Begin by observing our thoughts and focus on the positive things about one another. Allow ourselves to feel good about each other’s positive qualities.

  • Increase our positive emotions by reflecting and reliving the good times and positive experiences we’ve had together. The stronger the emotion, the faster we will manifest our thoughts.

  • Express more frequently our love and gratitude for one another and we’ll begin to increase our positive energy to manifest the relationship we desire.

It’s time to ask ourselves the crucial question, “Are we willing to take responsibility for the state of our marriage?” Remember, we have control over the marital experience we desire. Continue with what we’re doing now, we’d continue to yield more of the same. So, whatever the state of our marital bliss, the choice is totally OURS!


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nice post! thanks for sharing ;)

Interesting ...I've been married 23 has been one of our main secret in a lasting relationship. Enjoyed the read :) xxx Rico-Recipes

Yes, Ricardo ... TRUST is definitely one of the most important basis towards positive thinking.

Glad you'd enjoyed the read.

I believe faith is also needed. Thanks for the info

Hi Annie, thanks for dropping by.

Faith, trust, tolerance, honesty ... they form the basis for positive thoughts.

Harp not on the lacking but relish all that's good ... goes a long way to building positive thoughts.