Monday, May 25, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Raising Inspired Children ...

As parents, we all want to squeeze as much joy out of raising our little ones as we possibly can. We hope to raise our children to be as inspired as we are, to focus their attention to what they want to receive and emerge as individuals with positive qualities, capable and worthy.

When we choose to use the Law of Attraction to raise our children, we can experience a happier, more peaceful and respectful home. We can use the Law of Attraction to model and teach our children to live their lives consciously. To choose what to put their attention to and to deliberately attract all the good things they desire.

Conscious living or creating is more than just positive thinking as it is our thoughts that create our experience. It’s not enough to just raise our children to be positive thinkers but to empower them to manage their subconscious mind with consistent thoughts which shall become their beliefs.

Let’s look at our own family. What we expect from our children, we receive. How we expect them to behave, think, react or respond are the magnetic frequencies we sent out to the universe. If we focus on our children’s positive qualities, we will see more of those qualities emerging. Likewise, if we put our attention on all the things that conflict with our ideals, we’ll just get more of things gone wrong. As much as we want to blame our children for their bad behaviour, generally our children only mirror what is going on within us.

So, if our children are pushing all our wrong buttons or perhaps, some buttons that we never realized we had before, then it’s time we ask ourselves these questions:-

  • Am I contributing to my child’s behaviour?
  • Is my child merely responding to my negative emotions?
  • Have I overlooked my child’s positive qualities?
  • Is my child desperately seeking my approval for whatever he or she’s doing?
  • Is my limiting thoughts smothering my child whose struggling to be his own?

Each and every child is born into this world with the basic instinct to survive, without any impressions of the sad, the bad or the ugly. Their thoughts and emotions are pure spontaneity without limitations. They are naturally gifted with their very own unique strengths and abilities. Take time to acknowledge their good qualities and raise their self-worth. When they hear over and over again that they are good at something, they soon become even better at what they do. Our reactions, thoughts and emotions will give rise to their ‘feel good’ feelings and inspire them to emulate us.

Parents can shape their children best by showing them the way forward rather than telling them about it. To raise inspired children, let’s be inspired first. Show them how conscious living has made so many things achievable for us, including receiving the most precious gift of all, OUR CHILDREN!

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”

~Albert Schweitzer~


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