Friday, May 1, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

What?! 4.6km!!!

But the flyer states 4.5km ... it's an extra 100 metres!
No worry, no worry ... no worry, I can do it! After all running 2x round the Kota Kemuning Lake is about the same distance anyway.

Flagged off at 7.00 am and was back by 7.40 am. A little bit slower than my normal timing of 30 minutes but still ...

Congrats to me! I reached back in one piece ... still standing after the run and snap enroute. Catch rest of the gang at the Kota Kemuning Pacers' blog.


3 Bubbles:

wow Wenny seems like you're enjoying it so much ;)

go girl!!!

Hehehe ... maybe ...
Well, I did. But still a long way to running 10km or more.

Keep the 'fire' burning! A good start and Congrats to our webmaster Wenny!