Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

No one can ever tell me that "Law of Attraction does not WORK!" ...
Tho' small in significance, I've attracted alot of what I've wished for or long for or hope for ... the Law of Attraction WORKS!!!

One fruitful example is the FRIENDS we have made. When Ray began his active participation in the local running circuits ... 10km, 15km, 20km or even the full marathon 42km, I was the only supporter ... his loyal sidekick. I followed him as much as I could to all these runs. Whenever I see other participants who had come in groups, big or small, I had always longed for a group of our own too ... bound by a strong esprit de corps ... a sense of camaraderie.

Well, it didn't take too long to happen. For the past year, we've already had a regular group of friends, sharing the same addiction for competitive running. Steven, Cheryl, Mike, Lim, Lavin ... to name a few. In fact as I post this entry today, we have already moved one step further by forming Kota Kemuning Pacers, a running community which we hope will bring our neighbours together in the spirit of invigorating our health and fitness.

Call it coincidence ... 6 degrees of separation or whatever ...
All I know and as far as I'm concerned ... it's 'like attract like", the incredible phenomenon of the Law of Attraction!

In time, there'll be more and more friends joining this running fraternity and our world will be bustling with activities that there's just no place for loneliness or isolation to exist anymore!


2 Bubbles:

Law of Attraction does work! With young kids as well. I talked to my son about his friendship with his classmates the other day on this issue. He came back and told me "Yeah lah mommy, it is true". I told them (Shaunie & Jeremy) : "You see ah, what aunty Wenny said in her blog about this law is true one lah" :). You go read her blog lah" :)

Cheryl, children are the best practitioner of LOA. They do not have excess baggage to weigh them down. Just need to guide their thoughts and emotions in the right direction.