Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Another early morn today. Woke-up about 5.00am to follow Ray and our Kota Kemuning Pacers to the New Balance 15km Run organised by Pacesetters Malaysia at the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur.

What a joke ... I'm the self-appointed camerawoman! Hahaha ... no skill ... no experience, none at all at photography. Nevertheless, I tried my very best. So be my guest, go over to Kota Kemuning Pacers and check out the pics. Feel free to comment too.

If there's any lousy shots, blame it on the camera

I'm alittle drowsy now ... not only coz I woke up early this morning but because the weather is so very hot right now! There's been some raining this past 2 days but it's not enough to drive away the current heat wave.

RAIN! RAIN!! RAIN!!! Pleasssssseee .......


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