Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

A year has passed and the Dumpling Festival is here again!

The Dumpling Festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, honours scholar-poet Qu Yuan who took his life by jumping into a river. He did so because he was greatly saddened when the king refused to take his advice, leading to a war. Fearing that fish would eat Qu’s body, his friends and supporters made dumplings and threw them into the river so that the fish would eat them instead of the body.

On the run-up to the actual celebration on 28 May 2009, we'll noticed these stringed bunches of dumplings at the roadside stalls or at the hawkers and most significantly at the market place ... calling out to us "Buy Me! Eat Me!" ... "Bak Chang" or "Nyonya Chang" or "Khee Chang", whichever the preference, they have it!

As for me, I still prefer the authentic home-made ones. I adamantly believe my sis, Jenny makes the most awesome pork and nyonya dumplings in the world! Sadly, with her grand-children tugging at her apron nowadays, left-right-centre, 'grandma' has got no time to make those mouth-watering "chang" anymore. Who knows, she might surprise me this year!

Anyhow, no worry, I'm compensated! My Big Bro, 'Tua-hyah' makes good ones too! He delivered some "bak chang" right to my doorsteps yesterday night while I was on my way picking up some "nyonya" ones from my ex-colleague Lynn, who has so kindly carried them all the way back from Kuching, Sarawak. Believe me ... these dumplings are different from the local ones ... the bamboo leaves are uniquely different and especially fragrant.

Nostalgia ... I still remember the time when my late Mom was making all these dumplings for us. Her recipes are her legacy handed down to my sis and bro. Too bad, I had not been an attentive learner when she was still alive. Guess, I'll just have to rely on my dear sis and bro whenever I long for Mom's cooking!

To all dumpling lovers, including you Ray! Moderation on the consumption please. Not meant to spoil anyone's eating pleasure, just remember that these dumplings are pretty loaded with cholesterol ... what with all those pork and lard, salted yolks wrapped inside the glutinuous rice.

Hehehe ... actually I'm just a little bit jealous coz I can't eat these dumplings!


2 Bubbles:

True to what you told us, the 'chang' from Kuching is delicious! Thanks for sharing the 'chang'. That makes it even more aromatic! =)