Friday, June 19, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Reprogramming Our Mind ...

Each day we are faced with the task to conquer whatever life has to throw at us. Good or bad, we must be prepared for it as the days go by. It’s all in our attitude. If we face each thinking that we will be defeated, then that’s what is likely to happen. We need to practice looking at the brighter side of things.

Generally, we may have observed that happy people more often than not, are optimistic people. We may even noticed that most successful people have supreme faith in their abilities and believe that they deserve success.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live a life of optimism, unspoiled by negative thoughts and uncertain or anxious at what tomorrow might bring. We can if we set our mind to overcome this problem. Stop our mind from controlling us. Learn to reprogramme our mind so that it may serve us better towards positive living.

Reprogramming our mind takes a lot of effort both at the conscious and unconscious level. The following approaches can help us get on with positive living:-
  • Know ourself ~ seek to understand our own strengths and weakness. Accepting our own weaknesses can help us cope and overcome our problems with maturity.

  • A positive affirmation ~ tell ourselves over and over again that we can do it and slowly start to believe in the affirmation.

  • Think positive ~ always find some light and reasons to smile behind every situation and react kindly. It’s alright to be alittle concern and overcome it with a positive outlook.

  • Divert our thoughts ~ each time we notice dark or negative thoughts creeping up on us, make every conscious effort to divert our attention to a positive thought. Doing it repeatedly becomes a habit and positive thinking becomes effortless.

  • Gratitude ~ appreciate of whatever we have and we will not be overcome by greed. Greed can never bring contentment but dissatisfaction and unhappiness that will deprive us of a loving life.

The affirmation that “We can do whatever we set our mind to” can only be true if we believe in it and make the necessary efforts to turn our mind around. Are you willing to change? Are you ready to do it? Most importantly, do you want to?

It's so unbelievable how our positive thoughts can attract so much more of what we want to focus our mind on. As I delved on this week's affirmation, time and again I came across a poem on Determination ~ Don't Ever Quit. I would love to share it with all my friends and readers at Totally Useless.


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Thank you for linking to my post Wenny, and the points you make in your post are right on my friend - if we only stop the negativity and be thankful - we will have a much better outlook on life, and will achieve much more than we think is possible :)

Life is about living, not dreading every little obstacle that stand in our way.

I'm glad you share my views too. Thanks for dropping by. :)