Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Strengthening Mental Fitness ...

How would you like to have a strong and consistent focus on your goals and achieve them speedily with more success?

As we delve more and more into the Law of Attraction, mental fitness is seen as the key criteria towards achieving clarity over what are our desired goals. Mental fitness is the level where our mental talents; intelligence, perception and wit are aligned with our thoughts and emotions, working in unison to help us achieve our goals with greater speed and efficiency.

Our mental fitness is greatly impacted by our established beliefs, conditioned thought patterns, and entrenched emotional habits. In order to achieve the success we look forward to, these influences need to be aligned to point in the same direction for the best results. When any of these factors conflicts with the others, the contradiction interferes with our success, whereas when they are all in agreement, it assures us productive accomplishment.

Greater life successes require that we clearly know what we want, sincerely believe that we can obtain it with a determination to make it happen. We can be reliably consistent by exercising our vital mental talents to acquire mental focus with less effort or struggle. Before we can get started on the road to better mental fitness, let’s unclutter ourselves first:

  • Free ourselves from past and present problems.

  • Letting go of guilt and painful emotions.

  • Find our purpose to living in the present.

  • Change our thoughts, feelings, behavior, relationships, activities and external circumstances.

  • Build heartwarming relationships.

  • Making logical, practical and rational decisions.

  • Identify our wants, needs and how to take care of ourselves.

  • Be a good parent to ourselves.

  • Managing our frustrations and stop “messing up”.

  • Monitor and evaluate our choices.

  • Have fun, spontaneous emotions and activities.

Nobody wants to fail in their endeavours, especially YOU. As Napoleon Hill aptly put forth, "If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self."


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