Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Just woke up a few minutes ago. Could sleep more, just didn't want to. Half-a-day gone already!

The weather is so cool this morning coz it's RAINING ... cats and dogs too! After so many weeks and months of the dry spell, it finally rained. Don't know when it started to pour ... can't be any earlier than 4am coz I just jumped into bed then. Went clubbing again at HELLO BALI since we still had a three-quarter full Black Label in custody there, due to expire in 2 weeks' time.

Since Nick didn't have any plans for the night, I thought might as well invite him along. Grrrrr!!! How I regretted it! I would have enjoyed more had he not tagged along.

Just as we left the house at 10.45pm, he was acting-up like a small child ... "I want to sit in front, I want to sit in front" ... something he knows I never relent. He only gets to sit in-front when he drives!

While on our way, we all argued over his willingness to spend over $300 just for some imported protein powder he intends to take to boost his weight training. He's just a beginner. Does he really need it? There's so many other cheaper alternative. He so stubbornly stood his ground with impractical reasons for such an expenditure. By the time we reached, he went his way, we went our way ... only to meet again at the entrance to the club. Throughout the night he just sat there sulking ... his already long face now twice longer!

In the end I gave up any effort trying to cheer him up. I was there to enjoy myself with Ray and I'm sure going to do just that. He can sulk all he wants!

Frustrations ... the hazards of parenthood!


2 Bubbles:

they will only 'understand' when they become parents. Just like when my mom told me things that I only 'realised' after I became a mother myself. Looks like we will have to 'bear' with it. Cheer Up! :)

Thanks Cheryl. I certainly hope so.