Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

This week's positive affirmation says "I CAN DO WHATEVER I SET MY MIND TO". Do you believe in it? I do and there are many who may not realise it nor want to admit it. It's POSSIBLE!

Let me share about my good friend and ex-colleague, Lynn. I got to know her only about 6 years ago when she joined my organisation as an Accounts Executive. Throughout our friendship, I've known her to be a gentle person but with strong personality. She's firm with her decisions and at times, may be abit stubborn. But she's still an angel of friend and I love her for that.

Like me, Lynn do struggle with weight problems and we regularly share our frustrations about food cravings, our weighty problems and physical activities. Up till the time when she resigned from my organisation, I had not been successful at convincing her to join me for any physical exercises. She always turned me down because she claimed she can't run.

A week ago, I was lucky not to have fell off my chair when she messaged me to go for a run together. A big grin swept across my face. I was elated! A big step towards more to come I hope. We finally did our first run together yesterday night. We cover 2 laps around the Kota Kemuning Lake. Mind you, she jog two-third of the total distance of 4km.

See ... when she had set her mind to it, look at what she's capable of achieving. In time, she'll be jogging more laps.

The Law of Attractions works too! I had been visualizing about this opportunity for so long, it's finally manifested.


2 Bubbles:

I firmly believe in it too. Many times, I have not only proven to myself, but also my family and people around me that this thing works! "If you'd only believe". A very powerful affirmation for our mind.

Well said, Cheryl. I glad we share the same belief. Thanks.