Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

It was such a moody Sunday. Eventhough we went to the Kota Kemuning Lake to test our new lens, there was no excitement at all over the new gadget. Yeah, it tested great and shot beautifully, but the gut feeling of being cheated hung over us. What a damper!

Tried my best to cheer Ray up as I looked forward to getting a refund from Tarita without any hassle or any need to bang table.

Woke-up Monday morning with a sore back due to the massage and running from previous evening. No choice, I had to take medical leave for the day. After returning from the clinic, I quickly called up the authorised dealer for Sigma lenses. Enquired about the prices for the different units and looks like the horror just doesn't seem to let up. Our unit could be purchased from the authorised dealer at only $788 on cash term.

Next tried to contact the bald salesman, Andy. Called and called, no one picks up the phone. Managed to get through to their Administration Office and I took the opportunity to double-check on their listed price for our unit. The lady who answered my call quoted their selling price at $1199 while the APO unit was $1200. Asked for possibility of a discount, the lady suggested to bargain with the salesman. What else can I say ... I'm sure I can purchase my lens with further discounts, right? So isn't $1300 very excessive?

Anyway, after several tries, managed to contact the bald salesman. Spoke to him calmly, highlighting that he may have charged us at the wrong price. Oh no!!! He had the cheek to turn around and claimed that we were difficult customers, going around comparing prices. That's a consumer's right, darn it! Further, he claimed that Ray was the one who offered the price at $1300. Does not make sense, right?

Obviously, the situation was not going to clear up any sooner. After my warning to report the shop to the consumer tribunal and also posting about their cheat on the various online forums, he offered to refund $200 only which I refused as he was still excessively overcharging for our purchase.

Thinking back to that day, this bald forty-somethng salesman even had the galls to seek business from our friends! What sent our friends to be slaughtered by him? Once bitten twice shy, baldie!

To all my friends and readers, please help to forewarn all the 'photo-kaki' (photography enthusiasts) out there about this shop 'Tarita Photo AV Trading Sdn Bhd' (also known as 'Onesto Photo AV Trading Sdn Bhd') located on the ground floor of Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

Beware! They are truly blood-suckers!

I immediately lodged my complaint to the consumer tribunal and have been advised to visit their office as soon as possible. Looks like our day off next Monday will be spent with the consumer tribunal officer filing the papers over this cheating incident.

Never mind, the truth always prevail. I'm sure the consumer tribunal will see through to their wayward tactics. Judging from the tribunal's historical cases, complexities and ambiguities will not hinder their judgement over what is rightful.


4 Bubbles:

its good that you're pursuing this all the way... show them that as consumers, we have our rights!!

sometimes these crooks need to be taught a lesson.

Hehehe ... frankly, I'd prefer not to have to come to this ... very 'mah fun' la.

Sorry to hear yr predicament. Agreed...very mah fun. You have to fill up like many copies of yr report and have to wait for your case to be heard and they don't give you a stay entire morning till after lunch. Read my post. But still..go for it and show them some consumer rights.