Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

The countdown to the StanChart Kuala Lumpur International Marathon is about to end, tomorrow morning at 5.00 am to be precised. Training's over ... carbo-loading's over too. Sleep tight tonight ... tomorrow morning's the D-Day ... either you cross the finish line or you're not at the starting line at all!

I am not running in the marathon ... neither am I running the half-marathon category ... worst, I'm not even in the 10km category either! What the heck am I shouting about the countdown for?

But ... But! Ha! The Kota Kemuning Pacers are running tomorrow ... the full 42km marathon, the 21km half-marathon and the 10km too. CHEER THEM ON!!! Their PASSION, their ENTHUSIASM, their DETERMINATION, their WILL POWER and not the least, the power of their SELF-BELIEVE!

I so share their excitement as well as their anxiety over the marathon of the year which has been organised for the very first time here in Kuala Lumpur. An estimated 12,500 participants are expected to converge onto Dataran Merdeka tomorrow morning.

Went with Ray this morning to Dataran Merdeka to collect their running bibs and numbers. The weather was sunny and getting hotter and hotter by the hour. There were queues lining up for the different categories. HOTTT!!! The queue has not reached me yet and I'm already drenched ... my bra's even soaked wet and my mascara's smeared ... darn it, should have applied the waterproof one this morning. Some of the sponsors' stalls were already up and running while more were still in progress. The contractors engaged were busily setting up the stage, sound system and road barriers before the whole locality is off-limits at 6.00 pm. While we were there, we also signed up 15 runners for the Olympic Run organised by McDonald's on 12 July 2009. Oooooo ... after tomorrow, there's practically a run every Sunday for the next one month odd before the Muslim's month of Ramadhan arrives.

I'm so excited to be part of all these excitement where a group of people from various backgrounds and of different races are joined together through one passion, RUNNING. My joy will be the opportunity to capture their HOUR OF GLORY on my new Nikon D5000 ... the timeless expression on their faces when they cross the finish line.

To all the runners taking part in the respective events tomorrow, no matter you're a Malaysian or from abroad ... TRY YOUR BEST!


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