Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

My oh my ... I got up at 3 this morning. All becoz???

Needed to beat the parking rush since there were so many people anticipated for the marathon. Late means we'll have to park 2 or 3km away! It started to drizzle alittle while we headed for the city and by the time we reached, it rained. We kept our fingers crossed, hoping the rain will subside soonest as it was already 4.45 am and the marathon will be flagged off at 5.00 am. Thank God, the rain halted to a slight drizzle. Hmmmmmm ... could'n't show off my new Nikon D5000. So my first few shots had to rely on my faithful old HP Digital camera.

The rain stopped completely by the time the 21km run was flagged off. The weather was perfect all the way till 12.00 noon. By the time I reached home at 2.00 pm, I was already dead tired. The length of time Ray took to complete his full marathon, I had been on my feet the whole duration, a full 5 hours plus. I am so glad that Ray managed to complete the whole 42.68 km within the qualifying time of 6 hours without any physical setback. My eyes were rolling when he was so gungho about preparing for the next London Marathon.

All in I took 612 shots during the marathon. It was chaos! After the 10km run was flagged off at 7.00 am, I quickly rushed Nick to the 30km mark for him to take pictures of the marathoners. By the time I managed to rush back to the starting line, the winners of the full marathon and half marathon had already crossed the finish line ... shoot!!! I missed their pics.

Anyhow I got to positioned myself at a strategic spot just before the finish line. I had such clear view of all the runners rushing in. Ah ha! I can display my new camera now!

It was so messy. All the 3 categories were arranged to finish about the same time. 10km, 21km, 42km and even the family run came in together causing large crowds almost at the ending line. The 21km and 42km runners had to zig-zagged their way, not only to avoid the 10km runners but the family run participants with their stroller and all. I could actually notice hints of frustration on the faces of some of the serious runners coming in. With the large crowd, it also hampered photo-taking. It was difficult to isolate our Kota Kemuning Pacers runners that I decided to just take my shot at every minute. Who knows, I might just capture our runners anyhow. In the end, I was kinda dissappointed since I failed to capture some of our runners' hour of glory. Whatever was caught can be viewed here.

One thing I did learn from the whole experience ... next time I'm not going to give a damn to be selective ... I'll just SHOOT every runner who rushes in to the finish line!


2 Bubbles:

Thanks for the photos!! Damn kau lat cun! I have run in so many races but this is the 1st time I have so many photos from ONE race! :)


You are so welcomed. Wait till the next run ... Adidas King of the Road ... there'll be more! Why? Coz I'm more expert now ... hehehe :)