Monday, June 29, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Wow! It's surely a very busy weekend. Luckily I've applied for annual leave today. As anticipated, it was really a tiring day at the StanChart KL International Marathon. Came back yesterday, look at all the photos taken and immediately dozed off. Just couldn't restart my engine after that.

It's just heavenly, I don't need to get up early today to go to the office. As planned, Ray and myself headed for the consumer's tribunal office at Bangunan MRCB in Shah Alam, Selangor today. It's quite near our home actually. What a surprise when we got there ... there were a number of people there to lodge their complaints too. Looks like this is a common thing happening ... and we thought we were unlucky!

Anyway, the officer in charge told us to fill-up 3 forms and instructed us to attach all the proofs of our claim in 3 copies too. Arghhh ... what a fun time writing the complaints 3 times manually. At the last set, my writing was the worst scribbles. Handed over the officer who duly process the forms and assigned a hearing date. I did not expect the whole process to be so smooth and speedy, considering the kind of perception we have of our public services. The officer returned a copy for my retention and another to be handed over to the shop that cheated us. Luckily we could send by registered mail. For sure, if by hand, the shop will refused acceptance!

All done by lunch-time ... had ourselves a hearty meal and hope for the best. If at all the shopowner knows what's good for him, he should just refund us the RM500 we requested and the whole matter will be resolved without any further hassle.


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