Monday, July 27, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Attracting Positive And Healthy People ...

"Like attracts like" ... that's the basics of the Law of Attraction. It is a mysterious law of the universe which works alongside our thoughts and emotions. We can attract anything we want and anything we fear most, in whatever form. Material wealth or spiritual wealth or physical and emotional health.

Would you like to be making friends who are your support network, the people you learn from and enjoy fun times with? Attracting and maintaining healthy relationships will give our life the balance we need and deserve. Living a balanced life is the best way to de-stress.

As with human relationship, this mysterious law can work its wonders too in attracting the right people into our support network ... positive and healthy people. Please bear in mind we are not referring to physical health here but rather spiritual and emotional health. "Like attracts like" meaning positive people attract positive people, mature people attract mature people, healthy people attract healthy people (healthy minds) or the other way round.

We connect constantly with all sorts of people every day. We should be aware of what kind of people we want to be with. Likewise, we should be the kind of person we want to be with too. If we chooses to connect with people who are positive and healthy, we must be one ourselves. Else, we will just attract the opposites.

Most people are unwilling to stretch themselves beyond what they are accustomed to or to thread on unfamiliar grounds. Change and improvements can only materialised when we see the necessity to pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone. If we are left alone to our own devices, we will probably be just contented with the way things are or continue with our grouses day in day out. Fear, of course, plays it part too to interfere with our choices.

Therefore, if we want to be in the company of someone who is spiritually and emotionally mature, we have to first possess these qualities ourselves. If we continue to attract the opposite, then it's high time we do some honest self-evaluation.

Think outside the box and start taking initiatives to be a positive and healthy person. Being around positive and healthy people serves to elevate our level of appreciation towards life ... GRATITUDE. With gratitude, we become at peace with ourselves. With gratitude, we allow the mysterious law of the universe to orchestrate our desired abundances onto our path.


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when I was a kid, my parents always remind me not to 'mix with the wrong gang'.

Now, I find myself telling my kids to 'mix with the right people'.

When we have determined what denotes good or bad, we chose. We always hope our kids chooses the 'right' friend, right ways, right future, etc... They can choose, but the other party have to accept.

So, as you said it so rightly, we have to make sure our kids are 'right' too, in order for the theory to work wonders.

Thanks for a very nice piece here.