Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Law Of Attraction: In The Face Of Adversity ...

The sort of life we enjoy depends not so much on what life throws at us but our general attitude to life and how we deal with what happens to us.

We get what we think about, whether by design or default, and when life gets chaotic and things don't turn out right, we have to remember that this is the Universe's way of telling us there's a better path.

The secret to overcoming the 'bad' situations we find ourselves in is our attitude. We need to turn the situation around and look for the gift. There's usually a lesson to be learned and if we can see and accept this, then we can put ourselves back in control. Looking for the gift in a bad situation changes our perspective and gives us a reason to be grateful. Being grateful now equals genuine happiness with your current situation and feelings of happiness will attract more of them. We can learn the lesson and move on.

Sometimes it's very difficult to see anything positive at all in some situations, but we hear stories of people faced with life threatening illnesses, for example, who have realized that the threat has made them re-appraise their priorities and appreciate the life that they have.

It may be that in the beginning we can't see the greatest gifts that will come from a situation, but we can begin to look.

By the same token, there's great power to be gained by looking back on past painful experiences and circumstances where we have felt like the victim and finding the positive. We must give up feeling guilty about any part of our past. If we talk to anyone about our past we must learn to share the gifts and not the drama. We must learn to see the positive in every situation and only talk about the positive. This isn't something that comes naturally to most of us but we should work at it until it does become natural.

The larger the challenge, problem or disaster, the greater the potential for a powerful and life-changing gift. How powerful would it be if every time we were faced with what we would normally call a 'negative' experience, our immediate reaction would be one of excitement, even anticipation - because we know in our hearts that there is no such thing as a problem without a gift for us in its hands.

When we're in the throes of any sort of crisis we need to remember that it's only temporary - The Universe doesn't create a storm which lasts forever.

Just by changing this one belief regarding our perception of negative experiences we can literally change our lives. This has untold potential for increasing our level of happiness which shouldn't be overlooked.

The above article was written by Julie Troup, an avid student of the law of attraction and the universal principles and is always searching for useful and practical ways to apply the wisdom.


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