Friday, July 10, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Your Thoughts Create Your World ...

Your thoughts are so powerful that you could literally rise and fall according to the rising and falling of your thoughts. The limitations that people have, stem from their thought patterns and your teenage mind I believe has already had it's fair share of limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Let us address the main root cause of our limiting thought patterns that cause us to create a negative world. You may have personally tried to do something that did not turn out the way you wanted or you have seen other people seemingly fail at their endeavours. Based on these happening, you begin to doubt your self and your abilities, but wait a minute just because you failed a couple of times or even many times does not mean you should walk around thinking and creating more of your negative experiences.

You have the ability to think positive, creative and abundant thoughts no matter what your failures are. Your thoughts become things, thus creating the world around you. The Bible says "that as a man thinks so is he." You become what occupies your mind all the time. It is amazing how our thoughts could either be attracting or repelling things away from us. Begin to lay hold of your thoughts, take control of your thinking faculty- reject negative thoughts and embrace the positive and progressive thoughts

What thoughts are being processed through your mind?

Are they the thoughts of a winner:
- finishing school with good grades
- Going to university
- Personally developing your skills
- Learning the skill set of an entrepreneur
- Investing time and money learning from the world's best
- Reading the biographies and autobiographies of the greatest minds on earth

Or are you entertaining the thoughts of a loser:
- Not paying much attention to school
- Probably impregnating or falling pregnant whilst still in school
- Investing their time and money on things which little or no value.
- Not investing in their most powerful asset - their minds
- Not developing any skill set
- No reading what so ever.

Your thoughts govern your attitude and the more positive your thoughts are the higher in life you will go. Think a thought, entertain it and you will see it happen before your very eyes.

Let your thoughts take you to the unreachable heights. Create a world of bliss with your thoughts. Create the world you want to live in.

This article is written by Laura Lyseight who has been a source of inspiration and great influence in the lives of many youngsters both students and children alike. Her burning ambition to see teens find and reach their full potential has driven her to prolifically write books to challenge, empower and enrich their lives beyond their own expectations.

She recalls times in her life as a teen where she wanted to be the best, but lacked the exposure, especially exposure to the world of business. Now a serial entrepreneur - private tutor and coach, a best selling author and a successful network marketer, Laura is mentoring teens to leadership and helping them create their own success stories.

For her, success is not just in one area of life, but reflects in your spiritual, academic, financial, social and emotional life.


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i guess need to write more of this law of attraction wen...i too cant avoid thinking daily of negative thoughts dont know why... but am trying my best to avoid them once the thought would start to peep.

Me too!

Due to some heavy work commitments, I've been unable to write my own of late but I'm truly happy to have found articles that could be appreciated by all my friends and readers.

The fact you made the efforts to overcome those negative thoughts is already a great achievement to be proud of.