Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

What a surprise! I received a call from Onesto late yesterday afternoon! That camera shop that swindled 500 bucks out of Ray and myself. They have just received their copy of the AR Registered complaint that I lodged with the consumer tribunal the day before.

William Lim's his name. Supposedly from Onesto Head Office. Straight to the point, I told him to just refund me the $500 that I claimed. He did however, apologised on behalf of the bald-headed salesman which I gladly accepted as he enquired what to do with his copy of the form. Told him to just prepare the payment and a letter for my acknowledgement which I can use to cancel the complaint at the tribunal. He agreed and informed that he will call me again today.

It's been 24 hours since! As I type this post ... still no call. Blah!!! Taken for a ride again! As much as I wish to believe this guy from Onesto, I doubt the genuine intention to settle the amount. If they had, for a second, hope for me to chase them for the refund or to cancel the complaint without the cash in hand first ... they can FORGET IT!

DON'T WASTE MY TIME! It's enough time wasted having to go to the tribunal to lodge the complaint and subsequently attending the hearing set for 30 July 2009.

If this caller, William Lim is genuinely from their head office as claimed and is sincere with his intention to refund, let him call me back. Yes or no ... ultimately we'll know the real integrity of this shop and its owner. If it's in their culture to take advantage of unknowing customers ... they will breed flocks of employee with the same questionable integrity.

They haven't get me started yet, trying to fool me again. By Monday, no news of the refund, I'm going to post on all the local photography forums about it.



2 Bubbles:

Good thing you got lucky and got your money back!

<3 Lindsay

Oh not yet Lindsay. I still haven't got the refund yet. This guy promised to call back but he has yet to do so. :(