Friday, July 3, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...


We had a "DURIAN PARTY" at the office today! Of course, it's after office hours folks. If we had it any earlier, everyone will probably be snoozing in no time and that's the last of any 'Durian Parties', says the bosses! Not forgetting to mention the stench ... from all the burps!!!

The king of fruits, 'The Durian' is back and looking at the news reports, there seem to be a glut of it right now. Some sellers are even offering their harvests at $1.00 each (average about 4-5kg each). Imagine, when at the start of the season, the fruit was going for as high as $10.00 per kg.

Anyway, today I ate for FREE!!! Huh? Wait, wait, wait ... actually, come to think of it, that's not so. The durians are paid for from the Company's Staff Recreation Fund (each employee contributes $10.00 each month towards this fund while the Company topped it up in equal quantum). So technically, t'was NOT FREE!

FOC or not, I had a great time tasting the variety of durians ordered. They were all of good selections at $8/kg. As usual, our Production Manager, Ooi-San made great choices on our behalf. There were the creamy ones, dry & milky ones, sweetish ones, slightly bittered ones and the wet slimey ones too (yucks!). Durians are known to be heaty ... so there were some mangosteen (a cooling fruit) made available too to balance our body equilibrium.
So, specially to Ooi-San ... DOMO ARIGATO GOSAI MAS!

After completing the Larian Hari AntiDadah in Putrajaya tomorrow morning, Ray, Nick and myself will be joining a few of the Kota Kemuning Pacers and their families for a trip to Ipoh. Naturally, the runners will be there to participate in the Ipoh International Run on Sunday. While on the road, they will probably be on the look-out for durians. As for me, I think I've had enough! I've got to get rid of those calories stuffed earlier.

As a start, I'd better start my packing now! Sitting down to blog now ain't gonna do much!!


4 Bubbles:

this is one of the fruit that I don't eat. even if a of of people tells me that it's good I never liked it...sad me :(

I don't blame you ... the smell needs alot of getting use to and the taste ...

Well, if we can't bypass the sense of smell, there's no way it can reach our sense of taste.

I believe you can be adventurous ... try it out one day! I'd most probably try the 'Balut' when I visit Manila one of these days.:)

Wenny, it is still an unknown fruit for me but I should try it and hopefully will find it here

Tatiana, pls do let me know how you find this fruit, if you do manage to try one. :) I'd loved to know your first reaction to the smell before anything else ... hehehe ...