Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I just LOVE blogging! Kinda apprehensive when I first started in October 2008. Now ... 8 months later, I think I'm addicted! Since, I've also created 3 more blogs. My dear old hubby Ray's 'After The Starting Line', Nick's 'My Addixion To Life' and a community blog for keeping fit thru the passion for running, Kota Kemuning Pacers.

Above the fun and addiction, one very amazing wonder of blogging is making FRIENDS ... people whom you've never met, possibly will never meet and yet share a common passion ... to share our thoughts, ramblings and wisdom if any, with the world out there. Along the way, we pick up friends whom we come to understand, liked and loved through their variety of writing skills and styles.

One of my earliest friends through blogging is Amelia or better known as Diamondmum. She's a Pinoy expatriate living and recently started working in Singapore. We've been diligently following each other's blogs and recently she sent me this wonderful SURPRISE!

"J'Adore Tien Blog" meaning "I Love Your Blog"

Wow! I feel so blessed and yet to find a suitable word to describe my utmost gratitude to Amelia. Just to make it simple and straight-forward;


Now, I wish to also extend this greeting to a few of my fellow bloggers whom I've come to treasure as friends. I can't possibly name all but for starters, Cheryl, Cascia, Moon, Lilian, Tatiana, Rica and AlwaysWinner, this is for YOU ... Let's share the LOVE!


6 Bubbles:

Thanks for naming me among your friends Wenny dear and I love your blog too ;)And I will spread the Love to 7 of the blogs I love also in the coming days. Have a great week ahead sweetheart!

maraming maraming salamat din Wenny ;) I was impressed that you know Filipino laguange :)

thanks for being an online friend and for being a positive energy to me...keep on writing and sharing your thoughts :)

Thank you so much, wenny. Am so glad our friendship is growing fast. Through our hubby, we know each other, we discovered through time that we shared similarities in many things. That itself is awesome. Thanks for being a wonderful friend, not just to me, but my whole family.

Thanks for the "surprise" Wenny! ;)
I enjoy your blog and like your sharing..
Do keep in touch and will sure drop by again :)

oh thank u so much wen! thanks for being a friend i really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot for this lovely surprise Wenny!
Your friendship taught me that-
There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.
Your love and friendship is God blessing, you make my day brighter.
Love you always.