Friday, July 17, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I am so so so TIRED this few days! But I must ... I must share the many surprises that had arrive at my doorstep for the past week. I just don't know where to begin. So I guess I'll just follow the chronological turns of events then.

8 July 2009:
I was so surprised to received a call requesting me to attend a job interview. I did not applied for it but they had seek me out due to the suitability of my vast working experience. I attended the interview the very next evening and have been requested to attend a second interview next week. It is an international company with offices worldwide and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best outcome.

13 July 2009:
Received a call from Mike, remember the trainer from our local gym ... the handsome young chap I wrote about sometime back? Looks like I'm set to move a step forward in starting my own little business. Although I'll just be freelancing for now, thanks alot Mike for the business intro. If the potential clients are agreeable with my offered package, I'll be kinda busy with this project for the next 3 months. I'm definitely putting in my best effort ... surely wouldn't want to disappoint my clients. I've roped in my friend Cheryl into this venture and as I've mentioned to her yesterday, I hope I'm not putting too many things into my hat.

15 July 2009:
Remember my misfortune recently at the hands of this bald salesman, Andy. I received their official response and thank God, it was not a hoax when they agreed to refund to me the 500 bucks. I'm supposed to collect the refund on Sunday, afterwhich I shall write to the tribunal to close my complaint and cancel the hearing set for 30 July 2009.

16 July 2009:
It's not always that I get to received awards but I was dumbfounded when I received an Elite Blog Artist Award from Abigail Miraflores of "Life Is Random So Am I". Friends, irrespective how our friendships were developed, are great treasures to us and what more, friends who keep us in their thoughts always. I've made many friends through blogging and it's impossible for me to share with all for this award. However, in time, with each award I receive, I shall not forget those I've not included today. For now, it's truly a pleasure to share this award with Anne, Eugene, Nick, Pinklady, Shaunie and Vishal. Dear Friends ... have a great day ahead!

The Law of Attraction certainly WORKS!!! I'm enjoying the adventures in my life these days and it feels so wonderfully great with all the positive things coming my way. They just make the bad stuffs seem so insignificant!


5 Bubbles:

ha ha ah ah ah ...i think u love writing & blogging... good good keep it up ... i somehow started loving your writing .... though it is not something special ... but i love the simplicity .... [:P]

I'm glad to hear that and thanks for the compliments. I believe to keeping things simple without sacrificing the substances of adventure, mystery and most importantly positivity.

I certainly look forward to hearing more from you on my blog.

WENNY, congratulations on your much deserved award. it warms my heart to know that you thought of me when you shared it. i shall post this soon.

much love,

Bing =)

Wenny- Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing it with me!

I'm thankful that someone thought of me when she considered sharing her award. I believe it's my turn to do the same and spread my gratitude. Thanks for dropping by Bing and Anne.