Friday, July 24, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

T'was 6.00 pm! Time to go home. The plan's to run at least 2 laps round the Kota Kemuning Lake this evening.

I was right at the junction near my office, just about to turn left and I noticed this car speeding in my direction from the left. I put on the brake quite abruptly and ... BANG! Someone else has hit me in the REAR!!

Got down immediately to inspect the damage ... phewwwwww!!! No serious damages, only the spare tyre cover was broken. I'm driving a 10-year-old Kembara (a Malaysian-made 4-wheel drive) and the spare tyre at the back must have absorb the impact. Apart from a slightly misaligned bumper, all seemed to be okay ... I'm so surprised. Thank God!

The driver of the other car got down too and was very apologetic. He offered to pay for the damages ... of course, he's still in the wrong for knocking into my rear. We exchange our personal details and continued on our journey home.

Now I've got no a spare tyre cover. Put on a new and it'll probably look very odd, being new and so shiny. Probably get a canvas cover instead. This'll be very cheap. So, what's there for that chap to pay ... 'sek chi kei lor!' ... meaning fork-out my own money ... arghhhhhh!!!

It was only the night before that I was talking to Nick about bumper to bumper accidents. I'd admonished him many times before for driving too fast and risk such accidents. Guess these negative thoughts just backfired on me!

Don't call it unlucky or coincidence. It's just simply the law of the universe at work ... whatever you delve persistently in your thoughts, you attract the same to you. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS! In this case, my negative thoughts has worked against me ... hahaha!!! free image hosting


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Well, I have MYSELF to blame actually. I should remind me, "JUST BE CAREFUL, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!"

The more we worry, the more likely the thing will happen ... Law of Attraction.

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