Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

What's happening?!!!
The evening before, I was hit in the rear. The next afternoon, Nick got into a fender bender too. My oh my, what's happening. Tsk tsk tsk ...

It happened right in our neighbourhood in Kota Kemuning just after lunch-time. Both Nick and the other driver was negotiating a roundabout. Nick was on the inner lane (right lane) going 12 o'clock while the other driver was on the outer lane (left lane) intending to go 3 o'clock. Luckily, no damaged on Nick's car but the other driver claimed she couldn't open her side of the door. Who's right and who's wrong here?

The other driver was adamant that she had the right of way and was hopping mad as I was trying to discuss with her over the phone. Thank God, Uncle Steven popped by to help Nick out. They exchanged their details and contacts for subsequent discussion when both Ray and I got home.

To the best of my knowledge on road use, I'm sure no one takes the outer lane at the roundabout when intending to turn-off at 3 o'clock unless on calculated risk. She should have been on the left lane. Moreover, Nick said she was trying to cut in front of him by just giving a honk! Legally, she should be summoned. However, in the eyes of the law, I believed there was a slight negligence on Nick's part. He should not have assumed that she is definitely going 12 o'clock too. All my reminders to him to be a 'defensive driver' was thrown out the window! We can never tell what other road-users are thinking of or whatever's their last minute intention. We need to be alert for any possibilities. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

Ray and I met up with the lady and her husband at their workshop this afternoon. Upon inspecting, I found her claimed damages too highly exaggerated. In fact, if it's my car, I wouldn't even bother to repair. The mechanic had informed me that he had just replaced the same fender for her a few weeks earlier. Anyway, all of us agreed to bear 50:50 of that simple repair which came to $300. It beats having to make a police report coz she would definitely be summoned while Nick would have a high possibility of being summon too for his carelessness. Being still a probationary driver, he would further incur demerit points. Then, there'll be the hassles of red tapes making a police report.

By the way, I just found out that my spare tyre cover is going to cost me about $300-$400 for a new replacement. What a SHOCKING discovery! It's just a simple cover and I had thought of not claiming the other driver. Ray was fuming at me for not wanting to claim even if it had only cost $30. According to him, other people like in Nick's case had NO MERCY at all to claim and yet I was like 'tidak apa' ... a never mind attitude ... and it was clearly not my fault.

Stucked out my tongue and dutifully called the other driver who was equally shocked at the amount. Anyhow, he was a man of his word and banked-in $350 into my account as promised.

The world is actually a beautiful place with lots of beautiful people. Whatever happened, hostility is never the right choice. Stay calm and discuss as civil adults and an amicable solution will be easy. Things happened because we attracted them through our thoughts and actions. Let's take responsibility for our part and be grateful that it had not been worst.


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