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Law Of Attraction: 10-Steps To Get From Here To Where We Want To Be

Michael J. Losier, in his book “The Law of Attraction”, identified a 3-step formula in the science of this universal law. For deliberate attraction, you need to:-

Step 1: Identify Your Desires ~ Knowing what you truly want
Step 2: Raise Your Vibration ~ Believe and staying positive
Step 3: Allow It ~ Getting past your doubts

I am no expert in this thing called ‘Law of Attraction’. I have my shortcomings, my weaknesses and my challenges and yet to be fulfilled desires. However, I am a believer that the Law of Attraction works in my life. I am learning to enjoy life with spontaneity and seeing the results of my intentions unfolding from time to time, just simply made it so amazingly real eventhough the results may not be as precise.

Everyone carries a desire to have that perfect life, free of any struggle or stumbling blocks. Yet, many still struggle to discover what they truly want in life and how to go about getting it.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer or someone who’s on the fence, I would like to share this extract of the step by step guide from D. James Albert, the author of The Realization System, that can shed a light on how to get you from now to where you want to be. Do maintain an open mind and see how it can work for you.

Step 1: Become clear about what success really is

D. James Albert defined success as: DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, WHEN YOU WANT TO DO IT. Success is about living the life that you want to live and, of course, ultimate success is about being able to live that life every day, all the time.

Step 2: Realize that ‘work’ is something you actually want to do

The first difficulty many people face is in determining exactly what it is that they want to do. Many people struggle to define what they want in life because they confine their desires to what they believe is possible, as opposed to what is actually possible. The term ‘work’ also carries a great deal of negative connotation and so many people view work as something they have to do, as opposed to something they want to do.

Step 3: Create a ‘mega-list’ of experiences and activities that you enjoy

To determine what you want to do begin by defining those things that you like to do. Aim to create a mega-list of all the things you enjoy doing and don’t hold back. Let your imagination run wild with those things that you find yourself attracted to. Avoid limiting your list to anything that you think is ‘practical’ or trying to be ‘realistic’. Let’s call this your ‘Enjoyment List’. Write down each and everything that interests you and that you would enjoy doing no matter what it is.

Step 4: Affirm that your ‘Enjoyment List’ is a ‘list of possibility’

Everything you write on your ‘Enjoyment List’ is an activity that you can do no matter how impractical or perhaps impossible it may seem to you right now. Know that anything you set your mind to is possible, even if you are unable to see how from your present circumstance. Know also that if any of the activities have been experienced by other people at some point, then it is possible for you too. Consider your ‘Enjoyment List’ as a list of possibility.

Step 5: Sort your list in order of that which attracts you the most

With the idea that everything on your list has a possibility to come through, sort your list into the things that attract you the most. Single out the activities that, above all else, strike a sense of passion in your being. Your intention at this step is to modify your list so that the experience or activity that motivates you the most will be at the start of your list and the one that motivates you the least will be at the bottom.

Step 6: Select those items on your list that you would love to do every day

Take a look at the first few items on your new list of possibilities. Are any of them ones that you would be happy to do for a living? Would any of them make you happy to go to work?

Pick out the ones that resonate with you as offering the best job or business in the world no matter how improbable it might seem that you could ever secure such work. The first item on your list is the one you would rather do above all others. Remember, every activity that can be done is an opportunity for work to be done.

Step 7: Place your attention upon your new primary intention

The item listed on the top of your new list is the one you can now set as your primary goal – your most motivating intention. Tell yourself that creating a life where you are able to do this particular activity or experience this particular thing on a daily basis is now your intention. The main thing is to INTEND it and, no matter what, to resolve in your mind that YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

The first step towards becoming successful is to define what you want to do in order to live successfully and to intend it. The second step is to take action.

Step 8: Take unrelenting action towards the realization of your intention

This is a crucial juncture in the process of realizing your dream life. It is often at this point that many people fail to move to the next stage of the realization process because although it can be reasonably easy to determine what you like in life it is generally a little more difficult work out how to get it.

When the road ahead is not clear it becomes easier to believe there is no road ahead. Yet it is true that rarely is the path to our dreams laid bare before us. Bear this in mind because no matter how improbable or impractical the item on the top of your list is, just because the path ahead is unclear does not mean there is no path ahead.

Many people fail to take action because they can’t see the path. Many will discount their dreams because finding the way seems all too hard. Remind yourself that there is only one thing that is absolutely certain in your desire to achieve your dream life and that is you will never achieve it if you don’t intend to make it happen and take action in line with your intention. . You’re fulfillment and ultimate happiness depends on your resolve!

Step 9: Getting past the biggest roadblocks to action

There are many things that you might be able to do to start the ball rolling along the path to your dream life. The biggest roadblocks are the ones you must overcome beyond which realization is in the finer details of which only you can be privy to.

The biggest roadblock of all to pursue a goal, is simply the pursuing of it. If you take no action you will receive no results. You must take action.

Of course, life is hectic. You have bills to pay, mortgage payments to meet, fuel expenses, medical expenses, this expense, that expense and the pressure goes on. You are stuck spending a great deal of your time doing what you don’t want to do so that you can meet all of these pressing obligations in life. For many, if not most, this is a time consuming and energy draining process which, at the end of the day, leaves little else but to relax and sleep.

This situation is the one faced by most people – the problem of being forced to slave away day to day to make ends meet or to even just stay afloat. D. James Albert will tell you that your solution resides in understanding a very simple principle:


Step 10: Apply the Yin/Yang principle to the transition

To make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be requires consistent and regular action towards the attainment of your goal. No matter how busy you are, no matter how much from your day your present situation takes, it is important that you keep your mind on what you want and that you take action towards it.

So here’s a very simplistic principle to help untangled being trapped in the life you don’t want. It’s called the Yin/Yang principle of success and it is this:


By this it means, for each thing you do out of need in the now, you then do something in line with your intention for tomorrow.

The Yin/Yang represents the circle of life – your life. You might view the Yin as representative of what you must immediately do to maintain your life, and the Yang as representative of what you want to do to make your life what you want it to be. By doing a little of both in equal balance you maintain a good balance in the ‘now’ whilst consistently moving towards a future ‘now’ that is more in tune with what you want the ‘now’ to be.

Follow these steps and your new, preferred situation will soon come into view.


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