Monday, August 3, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Letting Go The Rigidity Of Self-Expectation ...

Rigidity can lead to a resistance to change. If we can choose to live with this paradox and begin to work on a flexibility of mind to embrace new ideas and routinely change old ones, we may soon change our vibration in order to attract the things we wish to manifest.

Unfortunately, the rigidity in self-expectation is a state of thinking that presumes any control of our thoughts can positively turn the energy of the universe to render our commands. No doubt, the main element of the Law of Attraction is to transform our thoughts to attract positive energy, many of us failed to consider that there are more elements to consider than just our thoughts. There are elements beyond our thoughts that can resists our intentions.

We need to consider our spirituality, our subconscious mind and our tenacity. All these elements place into the right perspective shall allow us the freedom to break away from the constant elevation of the expectations we set for ourselves and sadly for those around us too. This rigidity can only deprive us of any sense of achievement, satisfaction and contentment. Too much too far, it only leads us to a state of unhappiness. We all know where this will lead us to.

This week's affirmation "I let go of any rigid expectations I have of myself" spells a reminder to each and everyone of us to live in spontaneity. To follow the flow and appreciate every little achievements we may have accomplished. Self-expectations set too far beyond our reach not only frustrates but dragged us into the negative sphere of our thoughts.


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Self-expectations set too far beyond our reach can qualify as an obsession, and to resolve this we must allow spontaneity in our life. This allows for blessings that are unexpected.

Oh Michelle, I couldn't agree with you more. Very well said "blessings that are unexpected".

I believe I have been enjoying quite a fair bit of these blessings as I learn more and more each day to follow the flow and appreciate everything that come my way, whether it's good or bad.

very true. I find letting go the best way of alignment. I loved this post
thank you :)

Personal development for self lovers

too much for me ... today is Friday friend... :P

Thank you O.Erel for dropping by. Glad you like this post.

Chiranjit, all the more to look out for spontaneity on a Friday. Weekend's here to have fun!