Friday, August 28, 2009

My Bubble: Feeling Under The Weather

I'm feeling very much under the weather since these past few days. I guess it's best to admit that my immune system is in overdrive, trying to ward off all the viruses floating around me. People sneezed, coughed ... even Nick's just recovered from a sore throat and cold. I'm almost succumbing to it right now as I write. Water ... water ... water ... need to drink more water. NO to H1N1!

Why's my immune system weakening? Must be the stress from the excitement of working on my new job. I've lost a few nights' sleep over my work in the office since I started. It's not about the workload and of course, I'm not complaining. I'm very happy actually. How can I not be when everything seems to be turning out the way I've envisioned throughout my career. There's just no easy way to express but again ... "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS AND I'VE MADE IT HAPPENED FOR ME!"

I'm losing sleep coz I'm happy, isn't that great?! The job position, the office, its management system, the people ... in fact I'd to pinch myself each morning when I report for work. It's just too bad I've spent 9 years focusing on the wrong company. Driving developments in a company that's just not willing to move forward, each time taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. Regret not coz I must be doing it right nowadays. Alas the time is NOW ... continued honing plus an undeterred belief in this universal law has paid off ... I'M CONFIDENT MORE IS COMING MY WAY!

The same can happen for you too. Just open your mind to what the Law of Attraction is all about and how it works. Then try to analyse your past to present ... there's nothing to lose, at the very least, you'll learn to pick up PURE JOY & HAPPINESS!


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