Friday, August 7, 2009

My Bubble: Finding Peace Within Me

It's been almost 2 months since I went for a traditional massage. I could feel my insides are all knotted up. I've been feeling feverish these past few days and with the current outbreak of the Influenza A (H1N1), I couldn't help being a wee bit worried. Todate, there are already 13 deaths recorded in Malaysia due this pandemic flu.

Went straight after work this evening to visit 'Makcik', my traditional masseur. I have all the confidence in her massage since she has successfully massaged away the pain that's been troubling my upper left arm since early this year. As usual, Ray and myself reached her home just 10 minutes before 8.00 pm, as she completes her Maghrib prayer, the daily sunset prayer performed by practicing Muslims. As usual, I will be the first in line to be undergo the excruciating pain ... Ooo ... Aaa ... Ouchhh!!!

As she was massaging, I heard the 'Azan' from the nearby mosque, a called out by the muezzin in the mosque, summoning the Muslims for their mandatory sunset prayer. Amid the pain, there was a sudden calm that came over me. The 'Azan' had reminded of God.

With the sudden thought of God, I remembered this quote about life that I had stumbled upon over the internet earlier in the afternoon,

I realised that I've been quite uptight this past week and for whatever the reasons, I'm still not that clear why they're troubling me in the first place. I was upset with Ray over some miscommunications ... I was upset with Nick over his overzealousness although he meant well ... I was upset at work ... somehow I was just simply upset over everything and anything! Hormones running wild maybe ... some called it 'peri-menopause!', some said it's the onset of 'menopause' ... whatever 'pause' it's called, I'm glad it paused the moment God made his presence felt.

He brought to me an overwhelming peace ... an instantaneous reflection of life zapping into my thoughts. Despite the pain, it became clear to me that I was just being rigid in all my expectations ... especially for myself and unfortunately, t'was rubbing off onto those around me. An advice from my friend, Cheryl a day earlier popped into my head, "Never mind la, it's like that, don't get worked up over it la."

Thank you Cheryl and thank you God. I hear ye all!

I have forgotten my own affirmation for the week. I am trying to be spontaneous and if I should forget, please zapped me or popped me again!


3 Bubbles:

Hey, Wenny! I'm glad my crappy words did worked a bit. hahah.

btw, I just told another fren of mine this : Life is simple, if we can adapt to these two words : "LET GO"

I'm trying hard too.... let's encourage each other... yayy...

Don't we all get those down days every in a while except that sometimes its not once in a while. Totally can relate to what you go through, Wenny. I blog when I am in that mode cos it shuts everything out for me. Btw saw your tag and will get on to it soon.

Hey Gals, thanks for your encouragements.

Even as I believe and blog about the law of attraction, old habits die hard. Trying to change by the day and my friends from this blogosphere are truly a great help.