Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Bubble: First Day On The New Job

T'was my first day on the job today. New faces, new bosses, new colleagues ... Wohhh! My brain's like a sponge!! Absorb ... absorb ... absorb ... trying to remember as many names as possible.

Excitement turned into apprehension if I must admit. A totally new environment, to say very different from my last company is not so but to say it's similar, it's neither. As much as I looked forward to making new friends, I was kinda intimidated not by the new faces but by their stares. If look can kill, I would be dead by mid-day! Anyhow, I SURVIVED DAY ONE!

As it was at the old office, no one knew I was leaving till the very end. It was the same with my predecessor. Curiosity turned into surprise for many when I was introduced as her replacement. An official announcement was subsequently made today.

Tomorrow will be another day to absorb like a sponge. I know I'm in good hands coz my predecessor is such an organised person that I'm so embarassed for the lack of it myself. She seemed to have left no stone unturned to make sure I would have a smooth continuance from where she left off. I still can't figure out how I'll fit in yet in the organisation but I truly hope I'll be independent enough when I go solo on Monday.

Before that, let me survive DAY TWO!


2 Bubbles:

I'm sure you will make it through the 'first phase' and shines.

Enjoy the stares....for it won't last long.... hahaha....after that, you 'stare' at them.... muahahaha...

enjoy your new office.

Thank you Cheryl.

Frankly, I can't deny the fact "I really really love my new office. It's a DREAM COME TRUE!"