Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Bubble: Happy Birthday To Ray!


Yesterday was Japanese food and today, Chinese! The worst is the desserts. Yesterday, Cheese Brownies. Today, it was Durian Cheese! My blood sugar's definitely shooting upwards ... sky high!

Anyway, I guess I've got an exemption tonight. It's a special ocassion for Ray. The whole family got together to celebrate his 46th birthday. It won't be yet for another 2 days but it's better earlier that late, a no-no in the Chinese tradition.

5 Bubbles:

Happy Birthday to your husband Ray!!!

A happy birthday to your other half, Wenny. And glad to read that you've settled in fine with the new job!

Thanks alot Amelia for your wishes. I will be sure to tell him.

Hi there Alice. Thanks for your wishes. Will sure let my other half know.

Happy Belated Birthday to Ray. Happily mixed it up with your date instead. So horrible for being so blur lah....