Monday, August 17, 2009

My Bubble: I've Observed These Proofs

I was surprised when I received a call from this unknown lady about a month ago. She identified herself as Ellis from so and so company and told me she had discovered my resume from Jobstreet. She enquired if I would be interested to attend an interview for a soon to be vacant position in her organisation. Let me share why that call should deserved a posting.

It was only a few months earlier that I had thought to myself about the ineffectiveness of posting my resume on Jobstreet. I had been a member for more than 10 years now and never once had I been successful in getting shortlisted for any job interviews. Luckily I had not complained aloud or else, I would have to eat my own words!

Many years I had always envied friends who were headhunted by potential employers. Even my dear old hubby, Ray has had the experience of being headhunted. I've wondered many a times as to what would qualify me to enjoy such a privilege and how it would have felt when it does happen to me. Honestly, back then, I believe I would have walked on clouds with my nose high up in the air. A false sense of pride! Today, I'm so grateful that to have been given the opportunity to prove myself worthy and a dream manifested.

It is not easy for many to accept that the Law of Attraction is working for us every day. Perhaps a further personal revelation could help open some minds to examine the instances that this universal law had actually worked in their lives.

About 5 years prior, my last employer had voiced his intention to purchase a piece of land to erect our very own office. Henceforth, without an inkling about the Law of Attraction, I created a mental picture of my ideal office premise. I even included myself with a new look.

Believe me when I say "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS!" My jaw almost fell to the ground when I entered the premises of my new employer. It's as I've envisioned. Oh yes, before I forget, I've just recently bought 2 new dresses at the Mega Sales and they turned out exactly like the ones in my mental picture, only of different colours.

I won't want to bore some who do not believe in the Law of Attraction but I'm still adamant to repeat myself "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS!"


4 Bubbles:

Wenny oh Wenny.... CONGRATULATIONS to you on your NEW ADVENTURE....

and may the Law of Attraction continue to work wonders....

for you and for me....

ermmmm.... envisioning about myself baking cookies in my 'dream home' like what our amazing Grace have....

being her neighbout too....

That's kind of scary. I would've flipped if something looked like something I'd envisioned. What are your two new dresses like?

Great start Cheryl. Read the book by Michael J. Losier and you will understand further how to hone your skills to attract all your desires.

Hi Maliha, thanks for dropping by. Don't be scared. It's merely the manifestation of your own desires ... something you envisioned for yourself. You would feel that you are in control of your own life.