Friday, August 21, 2009

My Bubble: I've Survived The Second Day!

Hooray!!! I've survived the 2nd day on the new job!

Good thing, I don't feel intimidated anymore. The stares have somewhat softened and turned friendlier. The handover seemed less mind boggling and most importantly, my self-confidence is back!

It was really a great pick up for me today when I found the opportunity to share alittle about the Law of Attraction with new colleagues. Whether it did good for them or nothing, I'm glad it served me well ... it was a reminder to myself!


Just came back from dinner at Shogun, a Japanese restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. A group of my ex-colleagues decided to buy me dinner to toast my departure from the organisation. It would be so unjustified to call it a farewell dinner since friends never say farewell. So, to put it correctly, I would say that this dinner is to launch my journey into my latest endeavour aboard a new ship.

To my friends ... JOAN, OOI, KOK, CHRIS, YAP, GILBERT & FAMILY, thanks for the wonderful dinner and most of all, the great company. Too bad, LEONG couldn't make it.

FRIENDS FOREVER ... Stay in touch always!


4 Bubbles:

I'm just a Office Manager cum PA. Thanks for asking.

I am so glad you are managing the transition better than most Wenny, and you'll be doing more than fine with your new job - you'll see :)

Thanks Tatiana. Appreciate your confidence in me.