Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Bubble: Jungle-trekking In The City

I had a great workout this morning. I went jungle-trekking within the city. Surprised huh? A jungle in the city?

Yes, a hill right here in suburbs of the city. Fortunately, there are still several green lungs for many of us cityfolks to enjoy some unwinding during weekends. Bukit Gasing is one of them. This morning a group of us went hiking up this hill. Not a massive hill but still good enough to sweat it out ... DRENCHED!

I was really surprised that my stamina is still bearable despite so many months after my climb up Mount Kinabalu. I guess the almost daily run round Kota Kemuning Lake has made the difference. I'm kinda proud of myself too considering that I could guide others up the trail this morning. YAY!!!

Look at me ... all drenched but still look GOOD, right?


4 Bubbles:

ha ah ah ah aha ha .. that kid was not even aware that very soon she was going to be famous in the web ... ha ha ah aha ah a

Oh she deserves the limelight. She was so positive all the way. "We can do it!" exactly what she says along the way.

She's a gem of a kid.

Yes you still look good. It must be pretty cool to have a jungle in the city. Have a wonderful day!

Thanks Cascia for dropping by.

Well, sometimes city dwellers tend to take this privilege for granted that they abuse it without consideration.

We can only hope this small green lung will survive for our future generations.