Friday, August 14, 2009

My Bubble: Moving On

I'm moving on. It's my final day in my current employment. A rush of excitement mixed with a tinge of sadness. I'm leaving the familiar for the challenges of the new ... a new employment ... a new organisation ... a new BOSS!

I've had to keep this under-wraps for a few weeks now, eversince I received the offer of employment from the new establishment. I had actually intended to keep it quiet for a while more but decided otherwise since my current boss and myself have resolved our differences. We have decided to put things of the past in the past and forge ahead in our separate paths by remaining as friends. Whatever had been said, I'm giving him a benefit of the doubt that he will truly change his ways, not only for the company but more importantly for himself. All the best wishes goes out to him.

I know I've been raving about RETIREMENT for months. No doubt, I had looked forward to retiring before I reach my 46th birthday. But I guess the Law of Attraction is working its wonders for me. In an odd way, I do think I've achieve my desire though not so precisely. "I AM RETIRING FROM FROM MY COMPANY."

Throughout my years being part of the workforce, I've harboured many desires or what I would called then as ambitions. As it was the forces of the universe that brought about the Law of Attraction to me, it has also orchestrated many achievements into my life. I won't want to thrive on the negative one since the positive ones easily outweigh them.

Day by day, I remain amazed by how the Law of Attraction is attracting all my desires to me. Even the circumstances leading to my new employment had been the unfolding results of my hidden desires from my past and the present. I will share more in my coming posts. Right now, I just have this to rave about;



7 Bubbles:

The bubble picture on your header is amazing

Good luck and we all wish you the very best in your new jobs. Hope you find it as challenging and rewarding as you would like.

What ever happens, remember to have fun and continue being yourself :)

Thanks Vinay for the compliments. Glad you'd dropped by too.

Helen, thank you very much for dropping by. I'll continue to hone my positive thinking and allow the law of universe to bring to me whatever I longed for.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Just as you've proven through your success on Twitter. Congratulations!

Its good to be able to move on..all the best in the new path you have chosen, Wenny!

Thanks alot Alice for your kind words. Your warm support and also others' from the blogosphere will definitely keep me steady.

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