Monday, August 10, 2009

My Bubble: My Achy Breaky Heart

So I've quit my job! I should be happy. I am but for the wrong reasons! How so?

Frankly, I quit because of my achy breaky heart. I'm just too disappointed with my boss whom I had once held at high esteem. To say disappointed is to say the least! I'm so broken hearted by this man whom I had valued as a friend and a confidante. Only God knows how far he has broken the confidence.

Sadly, 7 years of dedication and it goes to ZILCH! As his PA, I've covered his ass from his long list of creditors, lied for him, burned midnight oil whenever he gave last minute assignments, went through 24-hours without sleep in order to safeguard his reputation, became his wife's 'punching bag' whenever they had their 'world wars', became his scapegoat whenever he starts a office politic and the list goes on. Oh yeah, he's the boss ... it's his privilege but is he not a human with a heart?

In the last 2 years, he turned his back on me and put me in cold-storage, constructively trying to remove me. All becoz of his office politics. It was during this period that I realised he is a man without a conscience. I guess I've been in a state of denial all these years eventhough I've seen similar situations suffered by ex-employees.

After 9 years of working for him, I would imagine at least a simple farewell wish for my future undertakings would be in order when I tendered my resignation letter to him personally. Ha! Not a word. But he has announced to everyone, "Wenny's resigned! Her last day's next Friday." I presumed he must be jumping for joy coz the last of the loyal employees who knows too much of his dirty linens is finally leaving! Oh ... how he fail to realise that I'm actually having the last laugh ... hahaha!!!

Well, most of his ex-employees left, never to sing praises of him. Now I'm leaving too, I'll be singing only 'My Achy Breaky Heart'.

God gave me strength and peace to sustain throughout these difficult times. I can only wish him "May God bless you and show you the way". From the bottom of my heart, I leave him these lines to ponder;

Would you show me the way, O Lord
Show me the way
I got an ace to tell the time
I got my face all red with wine
I got my eyes above all men
I don't even listen to them
Would you show me the way, O Lord
Show me the way
I'm walking on a planet
I take everything for granted
The stars are falling
Emptiness, and I am calling
For your caress
Would you show me the way, O Lord
Show me the way


4 Bubbles: what a wretched boss. Care to post his pix here so we can see how people without a heart looks like? Seriously, you are better off without such don't waste another minute more - go mend your broken heart..he's not worth it.

moved on to be your own boss? i rikes!!

Thanks AY for your support. I've actually posted his pic months earlier in one of my company events.

No lar Eugene. Where can afford to be own boss?