Monday, August 31, 2009

My Bubble: Out Of Commission

I'm down! I'm down!! I've been hit by the FLU BUGS!!!

To all my friends, readers and followers out there in the blogosphere, thousand apologies. I'll be out of commission for a short awhile. It's been stressful these past few days, trying to pull myself together, warding off those crummy flu bugs. But alas ... the flu bugs won! A runny nose, a dry throat and worst, a bugging headache! Feverish at times, hopefully I'll be up and running to the office by tomorrow morning ... I have to if I'm going to prove myself worthy of an employment confirmation by the end of 3 months' time, if not earlier.

A big thanks to Cheryl and Steven for the hot-brewed herbal soup over dinner just now. I'm already sweating as I type here and Ray feels the same too. I guess the herbs must be starting to work its wonders right this moment.

Hey! After sweating it out, I should be alright come morning. It's all in the mind ... it's all in the mind. I must convey the message to my subconscious mind, "I'LL BE FINE AND STRONG TOMORROW!"


1 Bubbles:

ooooh, relax wenny. concentrate on your new appointment and with your calibre - sure 'kow tim' the confirmation one lah..

relax and rest well as and when you can. Luckily Sept no run....

glad u guys like the soup. we shall have more next time!! yay!