Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Bubble: I Quit!

9 years! I've spent almost 9 years with my present employer ... 2 months more to 9 years. Just the day before yesterday, I QUIT!

A day earlier, immediately after I prepared my resignation letter, I had an anxiety attack. The next day, immediately after tendering my resignation, I had another anxiety attack. Why? I questioned myself over and over and oddly, I still don't know why. Then, on second thought ...

"Reality Bites!" I guess there's no turning back now! My second home for the last 9 years with loads of memories to reminisce will become a thing of the past. No new ones will ever be made again. A concoction of happiness, melancholy, dread, excitement, nostalgia, eagerness ... a confusion to turn me upside down!

This was not what I had expected! I should be extremely happy since I'm now a step closer to my desire to RETIRE before my next birthday. If you were in my shoes, how would you feel? What would you have expected?


2 Bubbles:

Wenny, best decision you have made, believe me. Life is too short to want to spend it all in the corporate world. I quit after 12 years in an mnc, just months before I was due to receive my 12 year long service award.
A horrific discovery about my maid's activities while I was at work, necessitated drastic measures on my part. Leaving the work force was what I felt best at that time to keep my sanity and ensure the safety of my kids. I didn't feel all the emotions that you are feeling right now. All I felt then was a sense of relief and thankfulness that I have the ability to choose to resign. Of course, the circumstances of my resignation was entirely different. But I did experience all the mixed feeling later on when reality sinks in that I have lost quite a bit of financial freedom and the life that I had grown used to in the corporate world. Even now after being a sahm for five years, I go into a "what if" state every now and then and there is always the itch to get back to the workforce. I guess its natural that inside us, we want to have the best of both worlds. I did a lot of soul searching to determine what I really wanted out of this life. And I found my answer. So the rest is quite immaterial. I am sure if you do the same, you will find your answer too. Go with what your heart tells you. You stated your desire very clear in the end part of your post. To me, you have made one giant first step towards that desire. Don't look back now but begin to live your new life and enjoy!!!

Hi AY. Wow! I'm so honoured to have the opportunity to peep into your experience on this which is so close to your heart.

In the past, I've never ever considered retiring until age forces me out of the workforce. But some very personal happened sometime back and forces me to rethink on it and I made it my intention to retire before I reach 46 which is about a month away.

I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and I believe with the right mindset and attitude, we are able to manifest what we truly desire, although not in the precise manner.

Oh YES! I'm retiring but not in the exact manner that I would initially thought of. I guess the law of the universe is still unfolding many of my unfulfilled desires before I attained my rightful RETIREMENT.

I will reveal the whole truth of my RETIREMENT soon in my future post.