Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Bubble: You Never Try, Then You'll Never Know

Have you ever been pressured into doing something you don't want to in the first place? Did you do it to please or you just wanted to give yourself a chance? As the commonly used adage goes, "you never try, you'll never know".

I've entered my very first race today. The Pacemakers 5th Anniversary Relay or in short, PAR5. It's a relay race comprising 4 runners to a team, each completing a distance of 2.6km. Total route's 10.4km. It was held at the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur this morning. Of the 33 teams registered under the competitive category, Kota Kemuning Pacers registered 5 teams and my team was named 'KK Pacers Xtra'. We managed to complete the race in the 27th position. My timing could have been better if not for a prevailing flu as I completed my leg at 16:27 minutes. The other teams were 'KK Pacers Uno' who finished at 8th position, 'KK Pacers Racers' at 18th position, 'KK Pacers Juniors' at 29th position and 'KK Pacers X' at 32nd position. Not bad huh for a new running club that's less than 5 months old.

Anyway back to my question. I've emphasised many a times before that I do not like running except for health reasons. Regular running is part of my effort to manage my diabetes. There's no pressure to train, no expectations to excel but a personal assurance that I'm fit and in control of my health. So, how on earth did I ended up in a race? And the worst embarassment would have been for me to pull out because I volunteered in the very beginning!

One of my running friends, Grace had a good point when she said "with experience you can motivate others more effectively". She's right no doubt but it is not necessary so though. Participation is definitely a personal choice. Motivation contributes only 50% to the decision and we don't necessarily must have the personal experience to motivate others. Our understanding and moral support can motivate just as good. But what the heck, if I never try I'll never know right? ... so when is it going to be the right time for me to experience running a race?

Now that I've got a taste of it, I still don't fancy it. Maybe slowly in time but for now, my decision is final ... I do not intend to do something I do not like and one of them is running a race. However, I do find pleasure and excitement by being behind the lenses. I've found my purpose when I join my hubby and friends at the races ... I'm the CAMERAWOMAN! Freezing in time, the joys of triumph when my running friends cross the finish line. Their triumph is my triumph and their joy is contagious!


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most important thing is if we can always 'give it a try' in whatever we come across in life. 'never try never know'. now you've tried, done well, enjoyed, satisfied. this itself is a job well done.

next time wanna run or not - is another issue adi.

congrates on completing a very tough first race! welldone, wenny! and

continue your good job in giving us our beautiful memories in all the runs - official camerawoman.

Hi,maybe u don know me,maybe u know me earlier.

Anyway,just sharing with u,running to keep healthy and no need to join big group for training or races,just like me,train or race when u want or interest,no need feel pressure.

However,if u feel want to sweat simple way and relax,try slow run sometime around 30mins.One week 3 times is enough to keep healthy n prevent sick.

For me,many ppls think I retire from road races as I always support friends and cheering for friends,just like your role,it is important and it is priceless,not easy to find a "Royal"supporter like you in your group.

Salute n understand u support u group when u see them cross in pia spirit or happy way.

Hope u all enjoy the PAR 5 event.

See u in future race.



Cheryl, it should "Well done to both you and me!" ... great friends always motivate one another.

WOW! It's such an honour. A visit from one of Der Pacemakers!

I only recognise PMTEY22. So I'm not sure if both of you are the same person.

Anyhow, I hear you and agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your valuable advice. At least, now I know when I'm at the races, I've got others who share the same passion and it's not necessarily RUNNING.

PMTEY or PM22 or PMTEY2 = same.

My first album site pmtey full,so create pmtey2 ,2nd site.

Ya..agree with u,no need necessary running.Just like my 67 yrs old mum,pratice taiji,healthy n long life.