Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gratitude: My Weekly List

As I turned 46 yesterday, I told myself I need to take a less serious outlook on my life. Know what I want, where I'm heading and bearing in mind what I need to do, does not necessarily turn my life into a bed of thorns ... AGITATIONS, FRUSTRATIONS & THE BLUES.

Another star has been added onto my 'Stairway To Heaven' ... 46 stars altogether now. It will continue to increase ... hopefully to a 100 ... who knows, hahaha!!! Anyway, my memory will fail me every now and then, that's without denying ... our mortal bodies are just not made to last. You can prolong its state of deterioration but you can never prevent it, right? So let's do what we need to do to keep it working fine to our ripe old age.

Meanwhile, to counter my memory loss every now and then, I've decided to add a weekly appreciation list to my blog to help me NOT TO FORGET. So here goes my list for the week:-

  1. I've made new online friends! Great guys, MKL and Shingo T.

  2. I've got back my positive outlook again!

  3. I've reactivated and reinvented myself at work. I LOVE IT!

  4. I've conquered 99% of the battlefield with sinus infection!

  5. I've lost 1kg in weight!

  6. It's my birthday ... I've got 46 stars already from THE GREAT TEACHER OF LIFE!

To all my friends, followers and readers, what are you grateful for today? Spare a minute, I'm sure you'll find some surprises.


7 Bubbles:

Happy birthday to ya, Wenny!

MKL's a great guy, I'm an evil guy with diabolical plans to take over thw world.

And that's the part where I go "Muahahahaha".

Stay happy and cheerful always!

So what you're evil and diabolical. Aren't we all? But I like you anyway. Take over the world la ... perhaps it'll become less boring huh?

Thanks for the well-wishes. Appreciate it very much.

Wenny, you are tempted by the devil and the angel ;-) Who will you pick? :P

Shingo is a great guy, too. Check his wifey-stories, always amusing.

Thanks for mentioning me. It's great to be inside your bubble. And yes, that's a great premise: Take things easy, lightly.. you are still young - 46 is nothing. You have the whole world infront of you: Explore it :)

MKL, you're 17 light years away after me, the whole world is definitely in front of you and I'm pretty sure for Shingo T too.

Anyway, I may not have enjoyed that much when I'm younger, I'm making sure I do since yesterday ... kekeke!!!

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell” so says Oscar Wilde. Hmmm ... I think it's to better to chose the devil I know than the angel I don't.

Ah women! You always pick the devil and when he hurts you, you chose the angel (me) to console you... ah Wenny, I thought you would pick the angel.. ah, what can I say.. ok, let me go cry my soul out :p

Haha, enjoyed reading what MKL wrote.

But devils have feelings too. =(

Guys, guys ... if we continue this banter, everyone will be weeping ... hehehe!