Friday, September 11, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Have the Courage to Make Your Dreams Come True

Do you have the courage to make your dreams come true? Most people will be quick to answer yes. The next question is: Why haven't you made your dreams come true? Now comes the excuses: You would have already but.... This and that caused you to fail. You are limited by education or you just haven't found the right connections.

Everyone has dreams, yet few ever reach the top of the mountain. What is one of the biggest destroyer of dreams? Fear of failure! If you never try, you don't have to take the blame for your failure. You can blame it on circumstances. It wasn't your fault.

Another destroyer of dreams is comfort or complacency. You always intended to start that business that would make you a millionaire, but you had this good job and the benefits were terrific, so you just didn't think it was worth the risk.

Fear and complacency, two of the biggest obstacles that you face in the pursuit of your dream. But are they really obstacles or just using common sense and being safe. You can always have your dreams and if you don't dwell too much on what might have been, they can do you no harm. It all depends upon what you feel is worth risking, because achieving your dream will come at a risk. Have you the courage to make your dreams come true? This is a fact that you should face before deciding to go for it.

If you decide that you have too much to lose in attempting to realize your dream, this doesn't mean a lack of courage or doesn't mean that you should forget your dream. You can just put it on the shelf for now. Many people have waited until they retired to chase their dream. Sometimes a dream makes a great second career.

But if you do decide to go for the dream make up your mind to go all the way. Half hearted tries are bound to fail.

If you fail, you must have the courage to pick yourself up and try again. Almost everyone fails in their first or more attempts to reach their dream. It is those with the determination and courage not to give up that finally reach the brass ring. They are the champions and they are few.

Quite often in order to realize a dream it is necessary to manifest a miracle and this is entirely possible to do. All that is needed is a little inside knowledge to make it happen. Courage and persistence can go a long way toward achieving your dream but they can only go so far. There are certain things that are almost secrets that when applied correctly practically guarantee your success.

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This is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing this article. It's really true what it says. I hope I have the courage to push thru with my own dreams I have currently.

I'm sure you will and your presence here is already helping me with positive energy. Thanks MKL!

Wenny, thank you. I feel special. :-) I think your blog should have more comments. I will follow you.

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