Monday, September 7, 2009

Law Of Attraction: How to Use the Law of Attraction to REALLY LIVE Rather Than Just Exist!

After a coaching call I had recently, I decided to write this article. I have new client who I will call "Shane". Shane has been in the singing industry for 2 years. She sings at night and is a secretary during the day. Shane is waiting for the "big break" in her career and is "existing" by living one day to the next, without regard for the quality of her life, while she is waiting for her big break.

I could hear the pain and frustration in her voice as she shared her many ups and downs in life. My heart went out to her. Shane just wasn't going to be happy or enjoy life until she had her big record contract. She was totally unaware that "living" a fulfilling life requires skills, a great attitude, and abilities that you have polished to a sharp focus and edge.

Shane was only focusing on the big picture while she was working on her Law of Attraction plan. Her plan included manifesting and attracting the sources and resources from known and unknown sources to have her record contract. However, while you are waiting to manifest your dreams and goals your aim is to have a quality of life that is rewarding. Your dreams will not be fulfilled overnight. It takes patience and work, but in the mean time, you are still living your life so you might as well enjoy it!

In previous articles I had mentioned that you attract whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive. The skills that Shane needed to work on are the skills of understanding and controlling her knowledge of the Law of Attraction to make things happen the way she wants them to be, rather than how she doesn't want things to be. By focusing on the way that she wants things to be, she can use this knowledge to give her an incredible edge in the music world.

The Law of Attraction is what makes the difference between living and just existing. We have all had those days where we drive home and realize when we get there that we don't remember the ride. We have also had days at work where we are just waiting for our lunch break or to get home. When the hours, days and weeks seem to fly by and you realize that you have been on "auto-pilot", it is safe to assume that you are not really enjoying your life, or making the most of it. When we take the time to focus on positive things, we will be rewarded with a more enriched life.

Think about the successful people that you have heard about who are using the Law of Attraction: people who are using it in business, politics, love, or life in general. People like Oprah, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. I'd be willing to bet that almost all of them know how to get results and get what they need. They have a masterful understanding of the Law of Attraction that determines results. Being able to predict your success and having faith in the Law of Attraction can be one of the most powerful skills that you can learn, and one of the best investments you will ever make.

Having faith in the Law of Attraction will help you change the pattern of waiting to start living until your big break comes, or you get that promotion, or move into a bigger house. Rather than focussing on what you don't have, focus on what you want and start enjoying your life now! Consider the advantage of this information, of competing in the workplace, selling yourself or your products, or winning the confidence, trust and love of those you value and respect. This is an incredible edge that you will have over others.

Because you know how the Law of Attraction game is played and you know how to maintain faith in the process you create a level of mastery to win. If you know which formula to follow and that it will get you the results you want, you eliminate waiting to starting "living" and you know that your desires will come. And who wins? You do.

This knowledge will put you in control of your life and future. The possibilities are endless. You will enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes with self reliance. It won't be because you're attractive or rich or have a great personality, but because you have knowledge, and knowledge gives you power.

Are you living or just existing while waiting for your Law of Attraction manifestation?

This article is written by Beverly Boston, Expert Author . Copyright © 2009.


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